Natta takes pride in its Quality Policy and endeavours to provide high-quality services while adding value and satisfying our customers’ needs and expectations.

We conform to contractual and regulatory requirements and effectively manage the business to remain efficient, profitable and competitive. This is achieved by the systematic control of processes and activities and the utilisation of well-managed resources. Aspiring to achieve high levels of quality in all communications, and working to formalise procedures designed to eliminate deficiencies, we continually improve the business process.

Natta recognises that the principles of quality are a core part of its management function. We ensure that quality is everyone’s aim throughout the organisation. We ensure that every employee understands the importance of the management systems and their direct effect on Natta’s continuing success.  To achieve the objectives set out above, the management has committed the company to maintain a management system that will satisfy the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015; and Natta’s codes and working standards.

The company’s quality system is regularly reviewed by management to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness.

More information is available in Natta’s Quality Policy Statement.