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Formed in 1972, Natta is a Private Limited Company owned solely by Chairman John J Whelan. John learnt the business from the bottom up starting as a pipe-layer and ground-worker before trading in a shovel for a JCB. From those humble beginnings, the company quickly achieved a reputation for being able to tackle complex groundworks. Natta still adopts those ‘hands-on’ principles which were responsible for its early success.

After many summer holidays working on site when he was a lad, John E Whelan joined the family business when he was 22 after graduating from university with a BSC Hons in Building Management and Post Grad in Construction Management. John quickly followed in his father’s footsteps, by starting at the bottom and working his way up. He developed an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of each skill set required and all aspects of works undertaken to deliver a successful project.

After working as a Construction Director on the management team for several years John E Whelan formally became Managing Director of Natta Building, Natta Plant and CISTC in 2007.



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