Natta's initiative to reward our employees for their dedication to following one or more of Natta’s core values. The LOVE (Live Our Values Everyday) Awards acknowledge and reward our staff for their on-going commitment to following Natta’s core values: Safety, Expertise, Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Teamwork, Collaboration and Sustainability Here are the list of winners from March to June and some of the photos that were taken. You can see all of the photos on our blog posts. March LOVE Award Winners The Expertise award went to Grant Cooke at our Arborfield site. Grant protects the rams on excavators when using the EngCon compaction equipment. A colleague commented, “Ram guards should be fitted to all machines. This will prevent costly damage to machinery when working within the confines of proprietary shoring systems.” Dominic Davison, Dave Garter and Kieran Trigg were awarded for showing Integrity. Dominic, also at our Arborfield project, won for his efforts to protect Natta from main contracting errors. Due to the timely recordings of his advice, Natta saves time and money. Dave and Kieran also won from our Daedalus site. A colleague commented, “We are currently carrying out muck away by lorries from our Daedalus site. Yesterday one of the lorry drivers asked them both individually to sign a blank ticket, this would have meant that the driver got paid for a load that he did not take. Both of them said no. They advised me, the transport company were contacted and their driver was dismissed.” The award for Safety went to both Jathu Senthilnathan and Morris Micah. Jathu from our Head Office identified a dangerous plug socket in the boardroom and reported it to our maintenance department. Morris won for implementing and maintaining an improved permit to a dig system at our Stoneham Park site. The Quality award went to John Bole, Amy Read, Gemma Hardy and Parveen Sharma. John won for his efforts to sign off of snagging works at our Worthy Down project. Amy and Gemma at our Head Office won for keeping a welcoming and tidy reception. A colleague commented, “They managed to bring the orchid back to life. There’s nothing worse than walking into a reception and looking at dead plants. Praveen also won for his consistent good quality work and tidiness. Bobby Constantin won for Innovation, for thinking outside the box. Bobby realised that there is a great saving to be made, raising the FW drainage ILs at our Deepcut site. Our Teamwork award went to Mark McMorrow and Jose Fernandez Navarrete. Mark took the time to display some boards so that other Natta sites can be aware, to save money. A colleague commented, “Very simple, just needed someone to be bothered… he was!” Jose from our Head Office, won for his effort to help wherever he can. He has done the RAMS at our Deepcut site and at short notice he produced a Construction Phase Plan for Ansell’s Garden Centre. He also assisted with getting the renewal of the Achilles Certification and updated processes, forms and manuals in preparation for the ISO audit. A colleague commented, “Throughout all this, he kept a professional manner with a positive outlook. For his resilience and willingness, I would like to put Jose forward for the Teamwork nomination.” Danny Chandler and Nathan Cerqua won the Collaboration award. Danny Chandler won from our Head Office. He made time to organise and oversee the transportation of the Surrey Training Group supplies and merchandise to its new storage facilities. Nathan from our Stoneham site won for his collaborative attitude towards working with others and in any situation. Last but not the least, the Sustainability award went to Sam Sutton also from our Stoneham Park site. Sam won for working on screening operations and maintaining his working areas. April LOVE Award Winners The Safety award went to Ion Popovici and Lloyd Lewis. Ion won for his efforts with ‘gully’ installation at our Deepcut site. A colleague commented, “Ion identified that this is one of the riskiest parts of our works. They normally get left in the rush to move on and get installed after the services. He is planning ahead. The main drainage has not been done yet, so before the services get installed the gullies are going in…well done Ion!” Lloyd at Stoneham Park won for working safely with different gangs and for ensuring that there is safe working around excavators and his works area. The award for Quality for the site roadworks at our Daedalus site, went to Ronnie O’Keeffe. This quote is from Hampshire County Council following an audit for completion that they carried out. They commented on the RSA Stage 3 Report that they had recently received, “You will see there is nothing to report which is good news and a compliment to the HCC/Natta Site staff involved on this project. So thank you to all for your help and hard work.” Jack Taylor and Mark Stevenson from Daedalus won the Expertise award. A new employee nominated them both. He commented, “Having recently joined the company, I would like to nominate both Jack and Mark as they’ve both eased my transition in the company. Everybody has made me feel welcome. However, they have gone the extra mile in terms of making sure I feel comfortable and well versed in my abilities to fulfil my job requirements with ease. Most importantly, they have helped my self-confidence in so far as my aspirations with the company are concerned. I genuinely feel comfortable in knowing that on successful completion of my probationary period I’ll be with Natta for a very long time to come.” Guy constable showed Innovation for introducing everyone to the benefits of the ‘DER’ method for fusion welding. This method reduces the chances of being killed by trenches collapsing and also by avoiding unnecessary deep excavation climbs. Colin Shannan was awarded for showing Integrity. Colin won for his persistence in helping find a product (a clear masonry tank). It has proved to be very elusive and difficult to find in the industry. A colleague commented, “His success makes my life on site that little bit easier.” The teamwork award went to Terence Labuschagne and Jose Fernandez Navarrete. They won for their tremendous amount of work carried out in setting up the new ISO 9001 and 14001 systems. An employee commented, “Without their help, we could not have achieved the Audit pass for Transition and re-certification.” Jo Whelan also from our Head Office won the Collaboration award for her efforts with the Great British Business Campaign (GBB). A colleague commented, “I witnessed first-hand how much effort she had put into the GBB campaign. She collaborated with the GBB team on multiple occasions and spent many hours ensuring the video and message was in line with Natta’s goal.” The dedication to Sustainability went to Paul Evans from our Stoneham Park site. Awarded for setting up screening operation in a different way to allow more efficient operation. Danny Chandler, Jathu Senthilnathan , Amy Read, Gemma Hardy, Dave Garter, José Navarrete Terence Labuschagne, Jose Fernandez Navarrete, Colin Shannan, Jo Whelan