May LOVE Award Winners This month’s Quality award went to Dean Preston from Natta Plant. Dean has a good work ethic, works to a high standard and gives good site feedback on a daily basis. The award for Innovation went to Ben Gamroth, Mike O’Keeffe, John Gormley, Phil Smith and Andy Wychowalek. Ben from our Arborfield site and Mike from our Daedalus site won for suggesting the individual drop chain idea. John, Phil and Andy also from Natta Plant won for their cost-saving idea. They are designing and building water suppression bowsers in-house rather than buying them in; excellent cost saving and efficiency benefits for the company. CISTC’s Georgia Woodman showed Integrity in her approach to her role. A colleague commented, “Since joining us, Georgia has worked diligently to provide support for CISTC as well as for Toni from the Surrey Training Group.” Our Teamwork award went to Terence Labuschagne for his efforts to raise money for the Dragon Boat Charity Race. He ran a football sweepstake on behalf of the team. Evangelos Pastras and Jeyatheepan Thanapalasingam won the Collaboration award. Evangelos at our Basildon project won for his willingness to acquire knowledge and new experience. He also demonstrated a positive attitude towards helping achieve the completion target on the foundation works at our Ansell Garden Centre project. Jeyatheepan also won for his collaborative efforts towards on-site. A Graduate Engineer commented, “Since I was assigned to him, he made sure I had a smooth induction. He has also been very supportive over the past 6 months. I believe he did a very good job as my mentor on site." June LOVE Award Winners Colin Shannan at our Head Office won the Safety award. Colin spotted workmen outside using a nail gun without any face protection. He stopped them from working and immediately ordered them safety glasses. The Safety award also went to Jamie Cracknell at our Stoneham Park site. Jamie is taking the lead when implementing Natta Safety Standards with new gangs. The dedication to Expertise went to Jack Taylor. He won for simplifying the setting out for the swales and lakes to ensure operatives understand what’s required of them. Dan Harman also from our Stoneham project won the Integrity award. Dan won for taking control of 278 works and completing the section two programme after only recently joining Natta. The award for Quality went to Miroslav Goral at our Stoneham site for setting examples of quality workmanship for others to follow. The Innovation award went to Kevin Fishwick. Kevin set-up a pump on our Basildon site to accommodate for a heavy blockage in a foul manhole. This was to avoid problems for the residents moving in the following week. After breaking tarmac and having access to the manhole, he provided a quick temporary solution to an unexpected problem. Andreea Guriuc won the Teamwork award for producing a lifting plan in a short amount of time that was needed at our Copthorne site. Terry Dean, another winner from our Stoneham Park project won the Collaboration award. Terry showed an excellent attitude and ability to work in any gang without fuss. The Sustainability award went to Ionut Dobroiu, Dragos Bucataru and Mario Hazizi. They won for completing the end of year defects at Astbury Manor in record time. Phil Smith, Dean Preston, Andy Wychowalek Dragos Bucataru, Ionut Dobroiu In the last quarter we have continued to add to our now extremely impressive hire fleet. We have continued to invest in Trimble 3D machine guidance technology. A further five excavators have been installed with the system improving our productivity on site. We have also had our brand new Komatsu D61PX fitted with the system. W have added the following to our fleet: JCB 9T Cabbed Dumpers After visiting JCB HQ and seeing first hand the impressive build quality on these machines, we decided to purchase initially twenty units. A further ten will be added to the fleet in the coming months. Twenty 9T JCB Cabbed Dumpers are proving to be very popular on site. These cabbed dumpers are fitted with armoured glass, proximity sensors and cameras, increasing the safety of the Drivers and the Operatives on the ground. We are so impressed that we will be adding a further ten to our fleet, split between 6T and 9T, allowing us to significantly reduce the amount of cross hired plant we currently have on sites. Hitachi ZX210 Another four of our large excavator of choice. Popular with our Operators and at the right price the Hitachi Excavators continue to impress us. Komatsu D61PX Dozer We needed a new Dozer due to workload and after inspecting a few with our experienced operator Sandy we settled on the Komatsu. This is a really impressive machine which has now been fitted with Trimble 3D machine guidance technology. JCB 9T Cabbed Dumpers Hitachi ZX210 Komatsu D61PX Dozer