Great British Business Campaign – Showcasing British Business The Great British Business campaign (GBB), is giving the country’s most exciting growing businesses a share of the limelight. The GBB campaign is being distributed by the Telegraph Media Group. It is providing a high profile, influential national platform that through film, promotes, encourages and celebrates these businesses and the larger organisations that support them. It has been created to promote and showcase the diversity of SMEs in Britain, from manufacturing, engineering and construction sectors, through to healthcare, professional services and everything in between. They are highlighting cases of excellence in each sector to share success stories around innovation, heritage, inspiration and resilience. Our MD John Whelan, commented, “Construction is a very human business, and we have seen many people transform their lives through the training we have provided. Thanks to the right people in the right place, we have been able to evolve what we do as a business: we are offering highly technical skills, building projects such as garden centres and nursing homes. Building the expertise of our people means that we have transformed our business to become a turnkey solution for our clients.” He also commented, “The growth in our business offer has been profound and it wouldn’t have been possible without the right people. To those who ask whether they can afford to invest in their people, I’d respond: how can you afford not to?” Our full editorial and film can be found on the Telegraph’s website Our MD, John Whelan, has also been featured in a TV campaign which can be viewed on the next page. Natta is very proud to be have been invited to take part in this process. This has given us the opportunity to celebrate our heritage and our recognition within the industry. Natta joined the Great British Business Campaign Total views so far: 8,181 In November last year, the Natta Group were approached by the Telegraph and Parlez Media. We were invited to be part of a series of short films that are being made on small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK. The series of films have been launched as the Great British Business Campaign. Our part in this process was to highlight the skills gap in the Construction Industry and how the Natta Group is tackling this issue. Here is Natta's video