Natta’s Love Award Winners for February 2021

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (‘Live Our Values Everyday’) Winners for February 2021.

The award for Expertise went to Danny Chandler and Ben Ashley. Whilst nominating Danny, his colleague said: “No matter how busy Danny is, he is always willing to help with issues in the canteen. We have been having a problem with the card machine and Danny has taken it upon himself to fix the issue each time. His help is very much appreciated!

Meanwhile, Ben was nominated for putting excellent protection in place for the sub-base in Bristol whilst the drainage installation was taking place in wet weather conditions.

Love Award Winners for February 2021

From left to right: Ken Mulholland and Ben Ashley

Ryan Swinton received the award for Integrity. Ryan received some wonderful feedback from a member of the local community in Cuddesdon: “I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Ryan who works at the Cuddesdon site. On his way home, he spent over an hour helping to get my car out of a flood hole. He went above and beyond and restored my faith in humanity. Thanks again Ryan”.

The Quality award was given to Lisa Lunn. Her colleague said: “Nothing is ever a hassle for Lisa. She deals with requests, however obscure, quickly and efficiently and helps everything run smoothly. She’s a credit to the business”.

The award for Teamwork went to Natta Plants, Ashley Bartlett, for urgently repairing general malfunctions with work equipment. His commitment to keeping the work van fully operational has resulted in increased productivity across the CCTV department.

Ken Mulholland received the award for Collaboration for always lending a helping hand in the office. Ken often offers his knowledge with general enquiries and helps reception organise big deliveries. A colleague commented: “Ken has a very kind and courteous manner around the office and it doesn’t go unnoticed!”

Also receiving the Collaboration award was Jakub Okonowski, Van Morgan and Vasile Jijiie who have successfully been making use of the Plant WhatsApp Group to report any issues with equipment on site.