Natta’s December LOVE Award Winners

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (‘Live Our Values Everyday’) winners for December 2019.

The Safety award went to John Dowson, Mario Hazizi, Dragos Bucataru, Ivan Ianev and Ionut Dobriou. John, the machine driver on our Iwade site, has worked very hard to complete the archaeological attendance works and to reduce the programme by over a week. A colleague commented, “The experience John showed resulted in the job getting completed and leaving a very positive impression on our new client. Thank you, John, for your expertise, advice, help and positive attitude when working late. John is a credit to the Natta brand and I hope we work together in the future. Thank you for your trust and understanding!

Mario Hazizi, Dragos Bucataru, Ivan Ianev and Ionut Dobriou won for finishing tasks in a safe manner and carrying out works all at height with all fall protection worn.

The Expertise award went to Guy Constable, John Dowson and Florin Cucuiet. Guy’s willingness to overcome issues with service connections impressed a client and helped complete a tricky task. John was awarded for helping keep costs down and using his initiative by taking himself out of a machine and into a tracked dumper. Doing so meant that Natta only needed to find a machine driver, which was easier than locating a dumper driver. A colleague commented, “The closest dumper driver would have been Bristol, so John was a huge help. Well done!” Florin won the award for taking control of a difficult section of work and completing it ahead of programme in readiness for the following sub-contractor.

Dragos Bucataru and Mario Hazizi won the Integrity award for continually finishing the tasks at hand to a high-quality level with little information, in a correct and safe manner. The Quality award was given to Eusebie Ionut Bucur and Ivan Ianev. A colleague commented, “Eusebie has shown a great ability to adapt to any situation and his work is always done once and done right.” Ivan always carries out the tasks that are asked of him, no matter how big or small it is and no matter how easy or difficult.

Our award for Innovation went to Rob Winspear. The colleague that nominated him said: “Rob always finds the best and safest way of working and is always sharing his knowledge with us on site.”

Jack Rushton, Michael Jones and Danny Chandler took the award for Teamwork. Jack won for being a great mentor within his team, and a colleague commented, “I don’t give Jack enough credit, although I really couldn’t ask for a better mentor. He may not have the knowledge of the Senior Estimators, but he will always go out of his way to help me. He doesn’t simply tell me the answer, he tries to help me understand the answer and why it is so. Thank you, Jack!” Michael has fitted in with whatever section of the works he has been asked to without complaint and has been a great addition to the site team! Danny was awarded for his help in clearing all of the tables in the canteen after they were left in a mess, prior to the canteen Christmas lunch.

LOVE Award Winners December

From left: Jack Rushton, Jon Hyam and Danny Chandler

The Collaboration award went to Emile Lodi, Jon Hyam and Etienne Rambeau. Emile has successfully completed his apprenticeship and is a valued member of the team, ready to undertake any task no matter the difficulty. A colleague who nominated Jon mentioned, “I would like to nominate Jon for collaboration in assisting the Health and Safety Department on the design of the new H&S Poster campaign, giving us new ideas and different design options.” Finally, last but by no means least, Etienne took the award for his hard work in Barnet over the past 2 years.

Well done to all our December LOVE winners. Enjoy your recognition – it is well deserved.