Natta Love Award Winners for October

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (Live Our Values Everyday) Winners for October 2023.

Charlotte Hamer and Donna Cunningham, from our Finance department, received the Collaboration Award. Their colleague said: “They both acted quickly to open a new account, this ensured that an important part could be ordered. Work could then resume promptly.”

Mikel Mahmutaji was awarded the Expertise Award. Mikel’s colleague commented: “He possesses excellent problem-solving skills. Mikel approaches every task with a careful and analytical mindset, finding effective solutions.” They went on to say, “His ability to troubleshoot and resolve complex electrical issues has saved Natta time and money. This keeps operations running smoothly.” The next award for Expertise went to Nesa Jovanovic from Natta Plant. At our Aldershot project for Grainger plc, we had a problem with the Engcon Tiltator on our machine. The machine hitch was stuck open causing a hydraulic oil leak, Nesa used a six-tonne excavator to release the hitch. His fantastic out-of-the-box thinking enabled him to repair the faulty machine wiring as well. This saved us from arranging a costly call-out and repair job.

Lastly, Amber Sawkins also received this award. Her colleague said: “Amber showed expertise in coordinating our Macmillan Cake sale and Bake Off event. From communication to producing artwork and sorting the prizes. As her first event since joining Natta, she did a great job, helping raise funds for a worthy cause.”

Love Awards October Winners

From left to right: Jon Hyam, Donna Cunngingham, Charlotte Hamer, Belinda Jones, Amber Sawkins, Megan Rafano and Kasia Rovira.


Jon Hyam took the Teamwork Award for his work in Wellness Week. His colleague commented: “Jon ran a tight ship all week, scheduling all of the sports competitions and also ensured that it all ran smoothly.”

Next, Arnie Bessant and Harris Bessant received the Quality Award. Both of them completed complicated driveway remedial works for an existing client at our Finchampstead project. The next award for Quality went to Megan Rafano. Megan produced some great artwork for our Wellness Week, taking factual health and wellbeing information on a range of topics and creating useful bitesize info sheets for us to upload for our staff to benefit from.

The Integrity Award went to our HR Advisor, Belinda Jones. Their colleague commented: “Belinda conducted wellbeing health checks on site at our Legoland project. As a qualified therapist, she offered hand and facial massages in Head Office for donations to our mental health charity – The Lighthouse Club.” Kasia Rovira also received this award for showing great integrity in running a cake sale at our Birchgrove care home project. Kasia baked all of the cakes herself to sell on site to raise money for Macmillan, really helping to boost our overall donation.

Finally, we gave machine operator Quacey Adams the Sustainability Award. Quacey’s colleague said: “He performed excellent idling skills and therefore out put hours on his machine at our Ajax Avenue project in Slough.” Here we are undertaking the groundworks for a Data Centre for Wates.

Congratulations to all of the LOVE Award Winners for October 2023!