Natta Love Award Winners for June 2023

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (Live Our Values Everyday) Winners for June 2023.

Natta Head Office Winners

From our head office, Natalie Bennett was given the Teamwork Award. Following a manic week, she managed to get all of the work finished in a timely and unstressed manner. Jo Fraser also received the Teamwork Award for always being happy and taking great pride in her work. Stan Alden received the award for working to short timeframes due to an accelerated programme at our Copthorne site. Lastly, we handed Sarah Carlisle this category as well for always being friendly and willing to help in any way she can.

Natta nominated Jo Whelan for the Expertise Award. Her colleague said: “Jo has been instrumental in setting up the new HR System, and has been working round the clock to migrate all the information over.” 

Matt Perring from CISTC received the Quality Award for always hitting his sales target early in the month.

Lastly, we awarded the Innovation and Teamwork Awards to David Smith, Paul Commarford and Lee Manders. Their colleague said “They worked together with the IT team to assist in rolling out a WIFI system to our sites. They designed a mechanism to secure the system to the top of the site cabins, whilst also making it possible to unlatch for relocation.”

Love Awards June 2023
From left to right: Natalie Bennett, Sarah Carlile, Jo Whelan, Paul Commarford and Lee Manders.


Natta Site Team Winners

Firstly, we awarded the Expertise Award to Albert Memia from our site team. This was for working extremely hard to ensure a high-quality finished product for a client on our Copthorne site. As well as that, having his previous experience and knowledge accelerated our progress on site. Secondly, we presented the Quality Award to Denis Kirti. His colleague said: “Denis deserves it for completing all the required QA for his section of works at Legoland and for taking a greater level of responsibility.”

For the Safety Awards Natta gave one to Dragos Bucataru, George Radu, Bledar Mahmutaj and Oleg Paniglo. “Since starting a new job they have all given a huge step up regarding the installation of steels on the wall whilst being efficient and safe. In the recent extreme weather conditions, they are still adhering to full PPE. They also always pay great attention to everyone and set a very good example for our main contractor.”

Steve Pursey was nominated for the Teamwork Award. Since joining Natta to initially work on our Wantage project, he has taken on the engineering role at Finchampstead and Harlington School. As well as finding time to help on our Leicester site. Gintaras Sinicynas also received the award. As a machine driver who is very proactive, he is constantly keeping busy with his own work and then helping others on the ground when he can. Chander Shekhar, Hakik Osmani and Kujtim Osmani received the Teamwork Award. Their colleague said: “They show great teamwork when moving and feeding the installers with heavy steel plates, different tools or materials. Knowing which plate to bring and at the right time is key for the job to run smoothly.”

Lastly, Natta awarded Michal Kot, Charanjeet Singh Jheetey and Desivjo Dukaj the Integrity Award for consistently working hard to load steel plates on the A-frame at our Gravesend job even in extreme heat and with no mistakes.

Congratulations to all of the LOVE Award Winners for June 2023!