Natta Love Award Winners for December

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (Live Our Values Everyday) Winners for December 2023.

Firstly, Dylan Matthews received the award for Collaboration. His colleague said: “Dylan has been overseeing the final weeks of the Dunsfold project. He has been dealing with several subcontractors on site to get the project completed. He has managed our workforce and the subcontractors while still completing his day-to-day engineering role. And all this from an Intern Engineer. Dylan, your hard work at this stage of the Dunsfold project has been greatly appreciated.”

Secondly, the Quality Award went to Nathan Ewing. His colleague commented: “Nathan has worked hard to ensure that the Dunsfold project O&M manuals have been submitted to the Client and Surrey County Council at project completion. All as-built information has been meticulously updated throughout the project which has simplified and expedited the production of the final as-built drawings which form a major part of the O&M manuals.

As this project involved S278 and S38 works, the team have had to produce two O&M manuals to cover the Client requirements and the Council requirements, both of which have been completed and submitted, allowing everyone to concentrate on their next projects. Well done team.”

Steve and Stewart Love Awards December

From left to right: Steve Drake and Stewart Collins

Next to be nominated was Albert Mina, who was given the Teamwork Award. On many occasions, Albert goes beyond what is asked to help the site grow, especially when working with other sub-contractors. Even when time is critical, he always goes above what is asked and delivers to achieve the targets we have on site.

Finally, we nominated Steve Drake and Stewart Collins for Expertise. Their colleague said: “They have led the Legoland team throughout 2023 to great effect. They (and their hardworking teams) have safely delivered a large volume of challenging work on programme, to a very high standard and within budget. This is much to the appreciation of two happy clients.”

Congratulations to all of the LOVE Award Winners for December 2023!