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Natta Building offers comprehensive construction services, providing both turn-key full construction capabilities and Shell & Core options, with fit-out services available as needed.

Since expanding into Superstructure Construction, we have completed projects using a variety of structural systems including steel frames, concrete frames, timber frames, as well as traditional brick and blockwork construction. Our expertise allows us to effectively manage projects that incorporate multiple core structures, ensuring seamless integration between different construction methods.

Our portfolio includes diverse building types such as Garden Centres, Care Homes, and Warehouses. Through our civil engineering and groundworks division, we facilitate rapid project initiation and staged procurement processes, enabling design detailing to progress even after construction has broken ground.

We also boast an in-house design and technical department capable of managing projects as design and build or handling contractor design portions on traditional contracts. This flexibility ensures we can meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients, delivering tailored solutions for a wide range of construction projects.

Steel Frames

Natta has extensive experience in completing steel frame superstructure works for various commercial and industrial applications. Our expertise encompasses several superstructure fabrications, including composite panels, louvres, insulated masonry, basic cladding, and pre-cast panels. We provide comprehensive roofing solutions, managing the interfaces between roofs, panels, and louvres, and offering complete design services for these elements.

Our superstructure projects include both flat and pitched roofs, often incorporating automatic vents, and we also perform repairs to flat roof waterproofing systems to extend the building’s lifespan, backed by a warranty for the work performed. Additionally, Natta specialises in constructing composite frames with metal decking and structural topping, showcasing our proficiency in delivering robust and reliable superstructure solutions.

Reinforced Concrete Frames

Natta specialises in the construction of reinforced concrete structures, utilizing our in-house teams of skilled carpenters and steel fixers who bring extensive experience to each project. Our commitment to meeting client requirements is reflected in our high standards of craftsmanship and project management.

To enhance efficiency and precision, we own and operate advanced equipment, including the Skydeck falsework system, which facilitates rapid and safe construction processes. Additionally, our fleet includes the innovative Maniscopic crane forklift, further enabling us to handle complex projects with ease.

Our expertise extends to challenging environments, having completed projects in tight inner-city locations and areas adjacent to live infrastructures such as railways and busy roads. This experience ensures we are well-equipped to manage the unique demands of various construction sites while maintaining safety and minimizing disruption.

Traditional Brick & Block Work

Natta Building has a strong track record of completing numerous traditional build projects as the Main Contractor. Our portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, from Medical Centres and general housing developments to bespoke luxury grand houses. This versatility demonstrates our ability to deliver high-quality construction tailored to various client needs and project specifications.

Timber Frame

As the main contractor, Natta has successfully undertaken a timber frame turnkey project for 49 units. This project has provided us with substantial expertise and a thorough understanding of the processes involved in timber frame construction. We are confident in our capabilities and would gladly work with this system again on future projects.