b'In September, the Natta Group celebrated and took part in our annual Wellness Week! Throughout the week our Wellness Team arranged several activities related to health and wellbeing for Natta employees on our sites and at the Head Office. Natta Step-a-thon At the beginning of the week the Natta Step-a-thon challenge was launched. A number of employees signed up to get in as many steps as they could across the week to raise funds for Woking & Sam Beare Hospices. Read more about how much was raised on Page 5!Short Tennis, Dodgeball and Boules Tournaments Short Tennis, Dodgeball and Boules tournaments were also held. Our Natta MD, John E Whelan took the winning trophy for the short tennis. Teams of three participated in the dodgeball tournament, with Simon King, Andrew Skinner and Matt Benham being victors of the day. We also had a great turnout for the Boules tournament with Barry Davies from Natta Plant coming out on top. A big congratulations to our winners and well done to all of those who took part!Health Checks We were delighted to once again welcome Health Shield to the Natta Head Office to conduct several health checks for our staff. This 10-minute confidential wellness assessment consisted of height, weight, blood pressure and blood checks, providing results for blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, kidney and liver function, BMI, body composition, cardiac risk, diabetic risk, cancer risk and more. Other Health & Wellbeing Sessions As well as the sports tournaments, several other activities relating to health and wellbeing were organised. Included in this was a 30-minute fitness circuit led by Natta Steel Operations Manager, Tony and a Gong Bath. A Yoga session was also held for the team as well as a Womens Health Talk for our female workforce at our Head Office. It was once again a fantastic Natta Wellness Week! Huge thanks to the Wellbeing Team for masterminding the events and to all the helpers for their efforts.'