b'2021 has been a positive year for us at Natta Plant! Despite all of the pitfalls from the pandemic, we have still been able to add some impressive machinery to our fleet from the new 7 Series Hitachi Excavators to Engcon Tilt Rotators.Ensuring that quality and innovative plant is being added to our fleet has always been a priority for our MD, John Whelan and the Natta Plant Team.We have expanded our team and recruited 3 highly experienced Mobile Mechanics. Our new team members, Nesa, TJ and Miguel each have their own sites to look after which in turn, will reduce downtime and improve the overall efficiency of plant on the jobs.We have also welcomed Bishal to the team. His role is to stay on top of the servicing of both small and large plant here at our Head Office. He joins Barry and Phil who are looking after vehicles and small tools respectively.With the growth of the Natta Plant team, we have added a Ford Transit Panel and a Transit Tipper to the fleet. Both are good quality vans which will serve us well for the next few years.We have some very exciting purchases to come in 2022. We look forward to sharing more information on these as well as getting the new plant out on site. We will start to see this new machinery coming through in January. This year, we have also heavily invested in our small tools allowing us to reduce our external hires. So far, we have added:Stihl Discutters Sub Pumps Generators Rotating Lasers Machine Forks Concrete Pouring Buckets CAT4s and Gennies Cobra Reels Two Tool Compressors Youngman BoardsFinally, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all at Natta Plant.John Gormley - Plant Manager'