The British Bee Charity

Earlier this year, Natta worked on a great community project for The British Bee Charity, which is based in the Woking area.

We are currently working as a subcontractor for Lifebuild Solutions. The project includes the groundworks for a new 88-unit housing development, Canalside Woking. Natta’s aim is to always give something back to the local community. Any construction project will impact the local area, and Natta supports many initiatives to give something back to local communities. So, it has been great to be able to help this local charity.

Natta’s Donation to The British Bee Charity

A charity close to his heart, John Whelan, Natta’s MD, is an avid beekeeper. As a member of The British Bee Association, he was delighted to support this worthy cause.

Natta has renovated the existing space at the apiary by donating and installing an office container which is worth over £3,000. Additionally, we also painted the container to give it a makeover to transform its appearance. This new addition has provided much-needed office space for them. They are using it for their Bee Keepers, school visits, and training sessions; improving their educational promise.

John said: “Bees have such an important part to play in maintaining the planet. They are an integral part of our ecosystem and if they became extinct, the planet would be in serious trouble. With the overwhelming climate change crisis that we are all facing, I am delighted to find a way to help this charity. The container has provided the additional space needed to help them raise the awareness of the importance of bees.”

Natta is planning to return to The British Bee Charity at a later date to build a patio and decking areas.

Natta pledges to help the community where our projects are taking place. Read more here about Natta’s Community Engagement pledge and a range of other community projects that have been supported by Natta.

Natta installing office container at The British Bee Charity

Who are The British Bee Charity? 

The British Bee Charity is a non-profit charity. Their sole purpose is to educate the public about the importance and welfare of bees in our everyday environment. Their apiary is located near RHS Garden Wisely. Founded in 2017, their vision of helping the bees and educating the wider community has been a huge success thanks to the generosity of the public. They offer an array of educational programmes to both children and adults. They also run regular visits to schools, companies, institutions, and groups which are just some of the many ways that the charity educates the wider public.

Volunteers carry out all of the work that takes place at the apiary, and the charity relies heavily on donations from companies and the general public. All funds raised go directly towards the welfare of bees. Their volunteers participate in regular fundraising events and volunteer projects for the local community.