Natta’s Love Award Winners for November 2020

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (‘Live Our Values Everyday’) Winners for November 2020.

The award for Safety went to Ilir Ntani. Ilir was nominated by a colleague because he always works in a safe manner with correct PPE.

Matt Roe was awarded for Expertise. Matt has been constructing the surface water drainage at our Aldershot project and his work has passed all inspections carried out by the inspectors for the project (Client’s, Hampshire’s and Severn Trent’s). Furthermore, our CCTV operatives were extremely impressed with the results of a drainage inspection. Zero defects were recorded in the report.

Elliot Braund from CISTC took the Integrity award. He showed exceptional kindness when a CISTC client was dropped off in a taxi and did not pay the fare. The taxi company contacted CISTC if we could put them in contact with the course attendee however due to GDPR laws, we couldn’t share their details. Elliot took it upon himself to pay the taxi fare from his own pocket so that the small taxi firm would not miss out on business in these tough times. The smile on the taxi driver’s face showed just how grateful he was!

Elliot Braund and Annette Hills

From left to right: Elliot Braund and Annette Hills

The Quality award went to Annette Hills, Ted Vass and Silviu Cioarec. Our Canteen Manager, Annette, received glowing feedback from a client of CISTC. They commented: “Thank you for your help giving me the opportunity to attend the NRSWA Licence course held at CISTC. It was an enjoyable and pleasing experience. Please pass on my gratitude and extreme thanks to all at CISTC including the Canteen Manager for the outstanding professional service provided.”

Ted has received a brilliant Google Review for his training. A candidate wrote: “I did my street works refresh course with Ted. He was very helpful and understanding; Ted is a true credit to your company. Thank you.”.

Under pressure to deliver many units to CML for our Client, Silviu has worked tirelessly and maintained high-quality standards throughout his work.

Mustafa Ali and Alexanter Merkouri were awarded for their dedication to Teamwork.

A line manager commented: “Due to unforeseen events with the drainage at Luton, we were forced to work from 7.30 am to 11 pm. The pipes had become blocked and affected a large number of residents. Mustafa remained with me until late in the night and even brought sandwiches, coffee and water. We remained until the flow was restored and the system was not at risk of overflowing anymore. Mustafa demonstrated a ‘what can I do to help’ attitude.”

Alexanter was nominated because he is a guy who always helps and motivates his team workers.

Finally, Georgiana Mosanu, Andreea Guriuc, Willy Stevenson won the award for Collaboration.

Willy Stevenson, Georgiana Mosanu and Andreea Guriuc

From left to right: Willy Stevenson, Georgiana Mosanu and Andreea Guriuc

This team at our project in Horsham presented the site really well for the Considerate Constructors review and to set the new project off on the right foot. All carried out in addition to their daily works.

Well done all to all the winners! Keep up the good work.