Natta’s Love Award Winners for August

Natta is delighted to announce the return of the LOVE Awards (‘Live Our Values Everyday’). This is just one of the ways that Natta acknowledges and rewards their staff for their on-going commitment to our core values: Safety, Expertise, Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Teamwork, Collaboration and Sustainability. Here are the Winners for August 2020.

The award for Safety went to Desmond Hird, Stephen Okorie, Pavel Goral and Silviu Cioarec. Speaking about Desmond, Stephen and Pavel, a colleague said, “This great team of 3 worked as a gang, digging around live services without any incidents. They exposed water, electric and gas connection for 15 plots in record time, hot weather and in a safe manner.”

Jevan Bains and Nick Lelaj also took the award for Safety for receiving 100% in their St Luke’s Hospice health and safety report.

The award for Expertise went to Michael Knott and Jevan Bains. Michael has received glowing feedback from a resident at our Basildon site, following some remedial work to their garage floor: “I’d like to mention that Michael should be given a pat on the back for how hard he worked in horrible conditions, with the dust, before resurfacing the floor. He then made every effort to make sure that everything was spotlessly clean and tidy before leaving. We really appreciated that the patio and the driveway were cleaned as well. Thank you for that.” 

Meanwhile, Jevan’s colleague commented, “Jevan has excelled in demonstrating his ability to gain knowledge and understanding across all main contracting projects requirements whilst absorbing the information and regulations whilst running a project on a day to day basis. Well done Jevan; amazed by your efforts and glad to have you as a team member! Thank you.”

From the left: Pavel Goral, Desmon Hird, Stephen Okorie, Silviu Cioarec and Stefan Ostiadal with Project Manager, Paul Magennis

The Integrity award went to Carole Gamroth. A colleague commented, “She’s an absolute trooper doing some of the most complicated payroll calculations during one of the strangest times we’ve ever experienced and she is still going in all day every day, ploughing through the work like Superwoman, to ensure we all keep getting paid.”

Also receiving the award for Integrity was Stuart Shuttleworth who works for our training provider, CISTC. A client gave the following praise for Stuart, alongside big compliments for the whole CISTC team: “I would like to give Stuart a special mention (very approachable, put everyone at ease and a really nice man). I would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone.”

The Quality awarded was given to Jo Whelan and Stefan Ostiadal. Jo was nominated by a colleague for getting the “PIM mobile observations and snagging online system up and running on my projects. Amazing efforts, even from her holiday in Lands’ End! Thank you, Jo.” Whilst Stefan cares enough about his work that he bought himself a battery-operated grease injector and regularly uses it.

Nesa Jovanovic took the award for Innovation. A colleague said, “We have had some issues with steering Ram ball joints on our JCB Cabbed dumpers that cost £600 to replace the whole unit direct from JCB; Nesa has found a different supplier that sells just the ball joint for a fraction of the price and can repair it himself!”

Charlotte Hamer and Emma Jarvis received the award for Teamwork: “I would like to give Emma and Charlotte a LOVE Award for their hard work helping the Auditors. They have been at their beck and call for almost 2 weeks and Emma has done so much beforehand to get the accounts ready for them.”

The Collaboration award went to our FD, Colin Southey, Luke Dove and Sezair Dautaj. Colin won for his help with calculations and processing of all the furlough payments whilst Luke has worked tirelessly to help the After-Care team on our Basildon site: “Over lockdown, the defects list continued to grow and Luke has done amazing work since we’ve been back to reduce the items and provide updates whenever possible, despite not having an Engineer or Project Manager on site.”

Nominating Sezair, their colleague said, “In March 2019, Sezair started the supervision of some service connections on behalf of our Client at Barnet. This simple job in appearance turned out to be quite complex, involving intense coordination between several contractors and challenging Health and Safety across the entire development. With his team, Sezair managed to meet every single deadline which has been brought to him, never without taking detailed records and photographs of what was done.”

From the left: Charlotte Hamer, Emma Jarvis, Colin Southey, Carole Gamroth and Jo Whelan