Natta’s Love Award Winners for April 2022

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (‘Live Our Values Everyday’) Winners for April 2022.

The award for Expertise was given to Clare Clarke and Arnie Bessant. Clare was nominated for her accounting knowledge and always being able to help her colleagues with any problems.

Arnie was awarded ‘Contractor of the Month’ by Cala at our project in Finchampstead. His colleague commented: “Arnie has done a great job in ensuring that all plots were handed over on time and defect-free.”

Amy Read and Joanne Fraser were given the award for Teamwork. They have both made significant contributions to invoice processing as well as their reception duties. This has been much appreciated by the team.

winners for april 2022

From the left: Amy Read, Clare Clarke, Albert Memia and Arnie Bessant

Also receiving the award for Teamwork were Gheorghe Bogatii, Albert Memia and Ionut Dobroiu. Gheorghe was nominated for being a hard worker and always offering to help others.

Meanwhile, Albert has maintained good production across all site finishings. Despite difficulties with a changing team, he has managed to uphold the required quality at all times.

Ionut was nominated for getting critical work done across a number of sites and in a short space of time. He has gotten on with his designated jobs, using his initiative to deal with some challenging problems which have always been resolved.

Congratulations to all of our LOVE Award Winners for April 2022!