Natta supports the LVD Church – Community Project

Natta is currently a principal-contractor working for St. Modwen Properties PLC in Copthorne. Here we are providing a new roundabout and access road to service a major 500 unit housing scheme with associated community amenities and commercial units.

Partnered with St. Modwen and keen to further our cause to support charities, local initiatives and communities where we work, Natta sent the Copthorne team up to LVD Church in Langley Green to embark on a community project. Here we undertook the construction of new patios and footpaths to improve the access into the church for their community.

Natta supports the LVD Church – Community Project


We give huge thanks to our supplier, Rudridge, for their generosity and support. They kindly donated the materials, including all the cement, sand, channels and a manhole cover.


LVD Church

The building belongs to the Church of England, but LVD shares it now with a Muslim Group. LVD is committed to building and investing into the local community and also to get involved in the wider Crawley community and voluntary sector.

Pastor Roger Ancrasamw commented: “On behalf of the church committee and the congregation, we say to you and your gang a very big thank you. You have done a wonderful job. May the Good Lord bless you all and watch over you.”

Our Community Values

Working to support the local community and charities at the sites where we work is always high on Natta’s agenda. Where possible, local labour will be employed and local materials sourced.

In line with our core values, we are keen to give back, add value and have a positive impact on the areas where we work. Natta is also planning to arrange a visit to our Copthorne site for the children from LVD church at the end of July.

We were delighted to be involved in this community project and look forward to supporting other projects with our clients in the near future.

St. Modwen