Natta supports Fernie Fields Sports Club

This week, Natta sent a team up to Northampton to embark on a charity project at Fernie Fields Sports Club. At Fernie Fields, we are undertaking the groundworks for a new pavilion. Primarily, the use of this will be for sport for disabled children and community charity groups. As well as this, we are also undertaking the groundworks for a new tractor shed. This will house all their equipment, 50% of which will be for the community and 50% will be used by the football club.


We give huge thanks to our concrete supplier, Hanson, for their generosity and support. Hanson has kindly donated the concrete that we need for free. In partnership with them, we are on track to get the job finished on time so that the build can start in a few weeks.

Fernie Fields Sports Club

– Fernie Fields Charity Project – Natta supported by Hanson

Fernie Fields Sports and Social Club

Situated at Moulton Park, the club is a sports venue, training ground and park. It provides Moulton with a premier location and a base to hold sporting events. Being the home ground of Sileby Rangers, it also has a first-class clubhouse which is used for special event days.

It has been the vision of the club for some time to be able to offer disabled sports activities for all age groups. It includes coaches seeking to work closely with specialist schools and groups to develop quality facilities locally for use by all.

The community company will run weekend and evening classes throughout the year together with weekly daytime classes for pre-school children. Further daytime classes will be held during the school holiday periods for primary school children.

Local schools will be offered the opportunity for activities to be held at their premises during school time. They can also use the facilities and coaching experience at Fernie Fields.


Working with the local community at the sites where we work is always high on our agenda. We understand the importance of community and we seek to give back where possible. After completing a Senior Living Residency project, The Hawthorns, a 7,637 m² Independent Living Community in Northampton for Avery Healthcare Group, Natta were delighted to be involved in this charity project.