Recycling Week 2022

What is Recycling Week?

Every year, recycling week runs from the 19th to the 25th of September. Throughout this week community groups, local authorities, businesses and the media all come together to encourage everyone to recycle more. This year’s theme is ‘Let’s Get Real’ aiming to inspire people to ‘Get Real’ to improve recycling by tackling the “myths” around recycling.

One organisation, in particular, that is aiming to push this further is WRAP. WRAP is a non-government organization with climate action working around the globe to tackle the causes of the climate crisis and help to give the planet a sustainable future. This year WRAP wants to show the world why recycling is important in the battle against the climate emergency. Helping encourage people to recycle more effectively at home by showing people how to overcome barriers and providing simple support through their popular recycling locator to get recycling right.

Recycling at Natta

From the outset, Natta aims to recycle, substitute, and minimise the environmental impact of all our building activities. Natta’s commitment to recycling is that we own six 3 Way, Scalping Screeners. Demolition and excavation waste scalping screens make it easy to maximise product yield from the feed material. It filters through oversized material, this is then separated and crushed to create finer material which can be used on roads and construction sites. Any other material that is not reused is then put back into the ground. This recycling procedure enables us to recycle more by reusing materials in our current and upcoming projects, therefore reducing what we put in landfills.

Not only do we recycle all of our surplus hard landscaping products, but we also in-house recycle 95% of our paper, 100% ink cartridges and 80% of files. NATTA is always finding new ways to recycle and this year we are now recycling all of our unwanted electronic equipment by donating it to WEEE Charity.

So, who is WEEE Charity?

WEEE Charity is a non for profit UK, fully licenced and registered charity with the Environment Agency. The charity began in 2016 in a spare room in a church located in the town of Warrington. In 2017, they started to expand rapidly and needed some extra room. So they decided to open a retail shop and repair centre.

WEEE Charity currently covers the whole of the UK mainland. They collect donations of electrical and electronic items with no minimum quantity, using their vehicles and drivers. They aim to recycle or reuse all electrical items in a safe and environmentally friendly way. WEEE Charity is expanding fast, due to currently having over 1000+ regular clients.

All funds raised are donated back to the local community and helps to fund future projects, events and fundraising to help relieve poverty. The charity is run by volunteers who are unemployed, facing disability or having difficulty getting employed. During their time at WEEE Charity, they receive eight-week Sector Based Work Placements to give them the experience, skills and knowledge that they need to get paid employment.

Natta Recycling with WEEE Recycle