Natta Love Award Winners for November

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (Live Our Values Everyday) Winners for November 2023.

Firstly, the Integrity Award went to Kevin Matthews. His colleague said: “As my direct line manager, Kev has been consistent and uncompromising in his approach to all of the projects we have worked on together. Without fail, he continues to keep what is best for the company at the forefront of his values whilst maintaining an unfaltering ‘can do’ attitude that projects onto others in his vicinity. A fantastic manager, and a brilliant mentor.”

Next, the Teamwork Award was given to Ibrahim Al-Obaidy. His colleague commented: “The Copthorne job has faced a busy couple of months. Ibz was extremely helpful to the commercial team in working together in this period, a great team player.” Next to receive this award was Mikel Mahmutaj. Mikel stayed with his colleague until 7pm. He ensured that all the welfare was energised after it was re-sited. This allowed the site to open as normal in the morning.

Carole Gamroth also received this award. Her colleague said: “I work alongside Carole a lot and whenever I ask her for something she is always very cooperative, never complains, and is always happy to help. Sometimes I don’t even need to ask her, she pre-empts what I need.”


Carole Gamroth Love Award
Carole Gamroth


Josh Limbert was given the Expertise Award. His colleague commented: “Josh has been a great help at managing a tricky water-logged site on the side of the River Test. Along with site engineering and overseeing the temporary works, Josh has kept an accurate record of every aspect of the build. He has ensured the re-measure-based contract can accurately encapsulate the entirety of the site team’s effort based on real-time evidence by Josh. Great work, thank you and keep it up.”

Nick Wyatt also received this award. Nick has undertaken pre-construction discussions with multiple clients simultaneously. He has received plaudits from all for the knowledge and expertise shown in setting up our new projects correctly to ensure they are successful. The bonds he is making with the new clients will be valuable throughout the contract duration.

Dragos Costin was awarded for Quality: His colleague shared: “His vehicle recently came back for its annual MOT test and the vehicle is in immaculate condition, clearly a well looked after vehicle. Model example of what we expect from our company vehicle drivers. Thank you Dragos.” 

Love Awards December Van Photo

Dragos Costin’s Vehicle 


Next, Gazmend Dauti got the Safety Award. Gaz has set up the new project in St Neots. He has received praise from one of our clients, Urban and Civic, for the visual impact of the safe working methods displayed on our fencing as well as working adjacent to a live highway.

Steve Alexander and Vaidas Balzekas also received this award. They were tasked in replacing an existing site boundary with a high-specification timber hoarding to compliment the exclusive surrounding of a private development on the side of the River Test. Steve and Vaidas received numerous praises from the client for their work. Well done chaps, great effort and skills representing Natta.

Finally, the award for Collaboration went to Jarczak Przemyslaw. His colleague commented: “Without his help we would not have successfully demobilised from site. He really is a great asset to the company and has done the Natta Plant Department very proud!”

Congratulations to all of the LOVE Award Winners for November 2023!