Natta LOVE Award Winners for November 2022

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (Live Our Values Everday) Winners for November 2022.

Natta Site Team Winners

Firstly, the Teamwork Award went to the team at Harpwood House (Celo Dukaj, Nick Lelaj, Pedro Duka, Marin Hazizi, Dragos Bucataru, Illir Ntani, Ionut Dobroiu, Ivan Ianev, Michael Kot, Hakik Osmani, Kujtim Osmani, Steve Parker, and Kasia Rovira). The team received a fantastic score of 41/45 from the Considerate Constructors Scheme. Their colleague commented: “There was an excellent joint effort to make this happen. Well done and thank you all.” Ionut Dobroiu also received an award for Teamwork for his continued flexibility between site and aftercare work, completing both roles efficiently and professionally. Well done.

The Angmering Team was awarded the Teamwork Award for working together when dealing with a medical emergency. The team includes Jamie O’Leary, Fernando Lopez, Tony McMally, Jimmy Gilmour, and James Egan.

Ivan Ianev was awarded the Collaboration Award. Their colleague said: “Ivan completed a number of aftercare jobs in a professional, safe and timely manner. with quick, correct decisions meaning many jobs were closed efficiently.” The Innovation Award goes to Mike O’Keeffe. He devised a simple device to let an area be aware if an excavator has a permit to dig.

Top left: The Harpwood House Team, Bottom Left: The Angmering Team, Right: Mario Hazizi and Dragos Bucataru.


Matt Wyles received the Expertise Award. Matt is currently working on our Southampton Project for Wates Group. His experience of Wates procedures and his past knowledge of similar jobs are shining through.

Lastly, the Quality Award goes to both Dragos Bucataru and Mario Hazizi. Dragos and Mario managed to rectify one of the snags at Alresford with precision, speed and a cost-effective approach. Well done both!

Natta Head Office Winners

Firstly, for head office, Donna Cunningham and Megan Rafano received the Teamwork Award. Donna was nominated for: “Learning her job quickly and building good relationships. She always puts her hand up for reception cover when required.” Megan Rafano’s colleague said: “Megan has worked wonders with the aftercare snags at Alresford and has dedicated her time and effort to assist with information about the subject. Well done and thank you.”

From left to right: Donna Cunningham, Natalie Whitbourn, Charlotte Hamer, Megan Rafano and Jean Gardner. 

For the Teamwork Award, Jean Gardner and Natalie Whitbourn were also nominated. Jean’s colleague described her as a very polished and professional receptionist. She always goes above and beyond to help and still keeps smiling even when things can be tricky on the front line. Natalie’s colleague said: “Natalie does a fantastic job liaising with CISTC and clients in collecting outstanding debts.” 

Finally, the Expertise Award went to Charlotte Hamer. Charlotte is always happy to help everybody, going over and above. She has great subject knowledge.

Congratulations to all the LOVE Award Winners for November 2022. Keep up the good work!