Natta Love Award Winners for January

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (Live Our Values Everyday) Winners for January 2024.

The first to receive the award for Teamwork were Florin Uta, Paul Scapau and Florin Manea. Their colleague commented: “They have travelled to many different sites recently to use their expertise as required to push jobs long without question or hesitation. They have made a valuable contribution to the business which is much appreciated.”

Martyn Randall received the Safety Award. Since Martyn’s arrival on site, the storage and laydown areas have never been so tidy. This has meant less damage to materials and better safety routes for the operative to access the building.


From left to right: Florin Manea, Paul Scapau, Florin Uta and Martyn Randall.


Next to receive an award was Gaz Dauti for Collaboration. His colleague commented: “After setting out the new compound in St Neots, we recalibrated the site. Gaz took the initiative to install the base station on the cabin in advance, ensuring everything was ready for the site calibration and ultimately saving time.”

Love Award Blog Post

Gaz Dauti


Finally, Georgiana Mosanu received the Expertise Award. Her colleague said: “Georgiana has chased outstanding issues across a number of projects to expedite completion. She has really helped the project teams complete works to hand over fully completed schemes to our clients.

Congratulations to all of the LOVE Award Winners for January 2024!