Natta Love Award Winners February 2023

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (Live Our Values Everyday) Winners for February 2023.

Firstly, the Teamwork Award went to Ian Swinton and Ryan Swinton from Natta Steel. Their colleague said: “Ryan and Ian have done their absolute most to support our needs in the workplace. They have an open mind and treat us all equally. As well as this, they listen to our thoughts and ideas to make our jobs work. I have had a couple of private incidents regarding my mental health and they have given me great advice and listened with an open mind.”

Love Awards March 2023From left to right: Jon Hyam, Barry Davis, Ryan Swinton and Ian Swinton

The Award for Expertise goes to Ian Donovan and Jon Hyam. Ian has been busy carrying out non-plumbing work in occupied offices, silently and efficiently. Jon’s colleague commented: “Jon is always professional and willing to assist with any issues. He managed to solve a very complex and time-consuming IT problem with relative ease, and also explained it to me.” 

Cosmin Corman received the Collaboration Award. Their colleague said: “Cosmin helped us a great deal to meet the client’s demands, he is always polite and willing to assist, and went above with what would usually be required of him to do. He managed to deliver on a tight schedule, even though he has a big workload.”

Sharron Hampson also received this award. She is a determined person who organises, pushes and reminds people to get things done. Since she joined the company, the process of getting operatives their CSCS tickets have been much easier and she does that with a smile over the phone. Well done to her!

The Award for Integrity went to Georgiana Mosanu. Her colleague commented: “Georgiana is the driving force behind her projects. Her tenacious attitude insures that programme momentum is maintained and that targets are met; she always goes above and beyond.”

And finally, the Quality Award went to Barry Davis from Natta Plant. Barry is very knowledgeable, and reliable and will go out of his way to help anyone. His subject knowledge is also exceptional and he always finds a way to solve a problem.

Congratulations to all of the LOVE Award Winners for February 2023!