Natta Love Award Winners for December 2022

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (Live Our Values Everday) Winners for December 2022.

Firstly, the Teamwork Award went to Rebecca Stevens and Katie Morgan from CISTC. CISTC has been in the process of implementing a new booking system. Both Rebecca and Katie have worked really hard to help with the setup and implementation of the new system on top of still getting all of their day-to-day work done.

The Expertise Award was awarded to David Smith. David has just gained an important Health & Safety qualification for Natta very early into his tenure with the company.

Natta Love Award winners December 2022From left to right: David Smith and Rebecca Stevens

Graham Wood received the Quality Award. Their colleague said: “Graham has gone outside his comfort zone and progressed himself by taking charge of concrete operations and fitting of holding bolts.” 

And lastly, the Integrity Award went to Phil Warley. Phil was nominated for this award for all of his hard work and dedication on-site, including washing down the lorries before they enter the public roadways and resolving an issue with a concrete lorry turning up with an incorrect mix. This was greatly appreciated by Wates who also recognised Phil’s efforts by rewarding him with a pair of winter Wellies.

Phil Warley on the right.

Congratulations to all of the LOVE Award Winners for December 2022!