Natta Love Award Winners for August 2023

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (Live Our Values Everyday) Winners for August 2023.

This month, from head office, Jon Hyam received the Expertise Award. His colleague said: “Jon is very knowledgeable and efficient. He is always willing to help find solutions to problems quickly and nothing is too much to ask.” Inam Arif from Natta Steel also received the Expertise Award for showing great dedication and responsibility to ensure the timely fabrication and delivery of structural steel. He ensures that he meets the highest standards, and he doesn’t allow any room for delays or errors. Next to receive this award was Leoni Fowler from Natta Plant because of the hard effort she put in to ensure all the vehicle exchanges adhered to the new ULEZ expansion. She ensured that everyone entering the zone had a compliant van.

Ken Mulholland received the Integrity Award for always approaching work in a diligent manner.

August LOVE Award Winners

From left to right: Jon Hyam and Jean Gardner.


The first Teamwork Award went to Lil Buckle, her colleague reported: “Lil happily steps in to solve problems using her wealth of subject knowledge to assist in any way she can.” Mahisan Gurusinghe also won for using confidence to deliver clear and precise surveys as well as consistently setting out promptly even though he is busy on multiple sites. Next came Matt O’Malley. His colleague commented: “He is always very helpful and motivating on site, he leads with a fantastic example and has an all-round great attitude.” Lastly for this category, Jean Gardner received this award. Jean’s colleague commented: “She stepped up when a director had been called out of the office and couldn’t conduct a meeting face to face. She promptly and professionally made sure that an interview could be carried out over teams instead.”

Finally Paul Berry won the Quality Award. Paul from Natta Plant for regularly ranking within the top 10 on our driver’s rating list considering the high amount of miles he travels and last week alone he travelled 1400 miles.

Congratulations to all of the LOVE Award Winners for August 2023!