Natta Love Award Winners for April

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (Live Our Values Everyday) Winners for April 2024.

The first to receive the Collaboration Award was Dominic Davison. Dominic’s colleague said: “Throughout the project pipeline, Dominic Davison consistently demonstrated a remarkable commitment to collaboration, embodying the spirit of teamwork. His dedication to effective communication and cooperation played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless coordination and completion of the project from start to end. Moreover, Dominic consistently demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in addressing challenges and finding innovative solutions

Siviu Cloarec and Elton Hoxha also received the Collaboration Award. Their colleague commented: “They have both been working extremely hard to push our project at our Copthorne site. Their quality of work has been amazing. They are keeping ahead of the client’s programme, who has also commented on their pace and quality of work. They are both extremely valuable members of staff.

Love Award Winners March

From left to right Elton Hoxha and Silviu Cioarec

Belinda Jones was next to be awarded for Collaboration. Her colleague said: “Belinda has taken on the work experience candidates which is time-consuming but is integral to what Natta wants to be doing in the community. She took this through to completion and we are looking forward to welcoming the candidates in the summer.

Andrei Alexa was the last person to receive the Collaboration Award. His colleague said: “We had a tight deadline for TM Plans and sequencing for a client. Andrei delivered a high-quality result within that tight timeframe.

Love Awards April

From left to right Belinda Jones and Andrei Alexa

The Sustainability Award went to Vasile Irimia. Vasile is nearly always the smoothest driver in Natta and represents the company brilliantly when driving his sign-written van. It is always cleaned as required and he is saving fuel by the way he drives.

Finally, Mikel Mahmutaj received the Integrity Award. His colleague said: “Mike installed an EV Charger unit at my home yesterday and he and his apprentice were very courteous and professional. They spent extra time tidying and made the installed unit look so good. A first-class job!

Congratulations to all of the LOVE Award Winners for April 2024!