Natta awarded the remaining Infrastructure works at Millbrook Park, Barnet

Natta are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the contract to complete all of the remaining infrastructure works at Millbrook Park Barnet by the Inglis Consortium.

This extends our relationship of the last three years with Inglis until early 2019. Furthermore, taking the total value of contracts awarded to us by Inglis Consortium to £20 million.

We are particularly proud that the Consortium chose to negotiate with us rather than go out to the market. We feel that this is testament to their confidence in our ability and fair attitude.

The scope of the package includes the demolition of the Barnet council depot. It also includes further serviced roads, public parks and an energy centre.

Millbrook Park Infrastructure Works video


The video above shows the scale of the scheme at Millbrook Park, Barnet and the extensive infrastructure works that Natta have already delivered.