Natta Strategic Board Appoints 3 New Directors

As part of Natta’s ongoing expansion, we are pleased to announce we have formed the Natta Strategic Board. As part of this, we have appointed 3 new Directors: Angela Fowler, John Gormley and Jo Whelan.

These new positions on the board have been created with the aim of being more inclusive and promoting diversity within our workforce. This Board now represents more areas of the business and marks a new chapter in the Group’s expansion plans moving forward.

Managing Director, John E Whelan said, “I want to express my gratitude to Angela, John, and Jo for their contributions to the growth of our business. Their leadership with the rest of the board will be essential in ensuring the safe and profitable expansion of our business in the upcoming years. The experience and approach they bring will be a valuable asset to the Natta Strategic Board, enabling us to achieve our goal of becoming a significant industry player. Their appointment is a recognition of their hard work and dedication to the Natta Group.”

He continued, “Natta’s excellent technical capability, the broad range of major projects, and dedicated client base position us well within our industry. Our core business ethos is centred around delivering for our clients, and with our strong leadership teams in place across the business, we can ensure that we meet our clients’ commitments with confidence as we continue to grow.”

Strategic Board PhotoFrom left to right: Angela Fowler, John Gormley and Jo Whelan.

Angela Fowler has been appointed as CISTC Operations Director

CISTC was formed in 2014 and Angela has been an integral part of the team since she joined in 2014, where she started in Sales and Administration. Over the years, she has witnessed the expansion of CISTC, which has grown from a team of two to a team of twelve employees today. Prior to working at CISTC, Angela was part of the Sales Team at Leatherhead Food Research. Within her role, she provided health and safety training to the food industry.

Angela commented: “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to push forward the growth and success of CISTC and the broader strategic plan of the Natta Group in the coming years. I am committed to using my experience and expertise to support the continued growth and success of the organisations.”

John Gormley has been appointed as Plant Director

In 2015, John joined Natta Plant as Plant Manager, bringing with him extensive experience from a similar role at Cappagh Contractors Construction Ltd, where he had served since 2007. Since then, working closely with our MD John Whelan, he has overseen a remarkable investment in quality and innovative plant, resulting in us operating one of the largest privately owned fleets in the South East of England. Additionally, John is CPC qualified Transport Manager, responsible for overseeing the O-Licence for the Natta Group.

John said, “I would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity to be part of this remarkable company over the past eight years. The experiences and knowledge I have gained during my tenure have been exceptional.”

He continued, “I am extremely honoured to be appointed as Plant Director, and I appreciate the recognition for my work and the chance to undertake new responsibilities and challenges that come with the role. I would like to extend my gratitude to John Whelan and the entire Board for the trust and confidence they have placed in me.”

Jo Whelan has been appointed as Communications Director

Jo brings a wealth of experience to the board, having joined the Natta Group in 2003. During her tenure, Jo has been instrumental in developing the companies’ digital marketing strategies creating their websites and producing their promotional materials. In 2017, she formed a Marketing Department and subsequently took on the management of the IT strategy and procurement for the Group in 2019. She is also responsible for the aftercare process in the head office and is currently involved in overseeing Human Resources.

Prior to joining Natta, Jo held the position of Product Manager and Sales Director for Dealogic, a financial software house in the city. Her experience in the financial sector has equipped her well to lead the IT department. Following a career break to start a family, Jo joined the family business.

On her appointment, Jo stated: “I am grateful to the Board for this opportunity and recognition. I am excited to contribute to the growth and success of the business, working alongside a diverse leadership team to help shape the future of the company.”