Love Award Winners for September

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (‘Live Our Values Everyday’) winners for September 2019.

Site Winners

The award for Expertise went to Jevan Bains and Danny Correa at our St. Luke’s Hospice site. Both won for undertaking the installation of bolt sets to the foundations without a single error in difficult to work areas.

Petru Luculescu and Andrzej Wychowalek took the Quality award. Petru won for his quality of work and for maintaining high safety standards. A colleague commented, “He was responsible for digging a service trench across a road and along 132K volt of cables. He did so in a safe, tidy and fast way.” Andrzej was also awarded for producing quality ‘gameshow’ equipment to use in the Wellness Day.

Head Office Winners

Our Integrity award has gone to Georgia White. During our Great Cholesterol Climb challenge, Georgia communicated with Heart UK, Head Office and site. Therefore maximising the most amount of donations for this worthy cause during the Wellness Week.

The award for Quality also went to Iona Huckle, Jo Whelan, Carika Behounek and Jon Hyam. Iona won for her positive contributions and the improvements that she made in the after-sales and care for sites. A colleague commented, “Her quality of work and communication with both sites and Clients is brilliant and has received great feedback.”. Jo, Carika and Jon were awarded for their quality work of the new Natta website. A colleague mentioned, “Great layout, easy to follow, direct links to parts of the business, modern and attractive. Well done all involved.”

Love award winners for September

From left: Alberto Aragon, Carika Behounek, Chris Musgrove, Iona Huckle, Vanessa Pinto, Jon Hyam and Jo Whelan

Vanessa Pinto, Chris Musgrove, Iona Huckle and Alberto Aragon took the Teamwork award.

Vanessa and Chris in our HR department were awarded for masterminding the Wellness Week. A colleague commented, “They both did a great job leading the organisation and galvanising Natta into taking part in a range of different activities related to health and well being.” Iona won for being a formidable helper with the Wellness week. She went over and above to make sure that everything was planned and executed smoothly. She has also facilitated the Hygiene element of the day. Outside of his normal working remit, Alberto has taken control of some elements of a project and is raising purchase orders and placing orders.

Lastly, the Sustainability award went to Annette Hills. She won for gaining a 5* food rating in the canteen and producing quality and healthy Wellness Day food – a great success thanks to her tenacity and expertise!

A massive well done to all who won this month, keep up the good work. The Love Awards will return again in October!