LOVE award winners for February 2019!

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (‘Live Our Values Everyday’) winners for February 2019.

In February, the award for Expertise went to Magnus Alestrand, following his valuable help with the Aftercare team. He took it upon himself to arrange to visit a resident’s property before our official remediation visit was planned. Within the short space of just 10 minutes, Magnus fixed over 50% of the issues on site. A resident commented: “Magnus was great, super-efficient. Many thanks for arranging him to come over!” His great work was really appreciated by all concerned.

Love Awards February 2019

– From left: Magnus Alestrand and Florin Bufanu

Matthew Benham, Mari Hazizi, Dragos Bucataru, and Grant Crooke all won awards for Expertise in February. Matt from head office has helped to improve the communication between sites. He led a fantastic tutorial for Project Manager training on the effective use of Bluebeam. Both Mari and Dragos from Gen 3 won for completing a complex roof build with little detail or instruction. Whilst, Grant who is based at our site in Arborfield won after being a key part of the successful installation of the culvert structure at Parcel U2. A colleague explained: “Pre-cast sections weighing 8T were positioned by an excavator without incident and the RC elements were installed safely.”

The Quality award went to Owen Speake and Sezair Dautaj. Owen delivered an excellent presentation on contamination, which was both engaging and highly informative. Providing a great resource for those in attendance, including new starters and graduate engineers. Sezair’s nominator commented, “Sezair is always able to provide valuable information, even weeks after the event happened.”

Love Awards February 2

– Xhavit Dauti presenting Sezair Dautaj with his Love Award

QS, Prince Antwi, won the award for Integrity, for the correct use of his MITEL system. Used to both inform and communicate with his team members and contacts that he was away on annual leave has been most helpful. By utilising the DND facility he was able to show his absence and he also redirected any phone calls to his Line Manager.

Ashley Bartlett from our Plant Department and Ollie Westwood from our Stoneham site won the Innovation award for February. Ashley has begun producing a weekly spreadsheet which indicates the ratio of cross hired versus internally hired plant. Going above and beyond, Ashley has devised not only a spreadsheet but also a pie chart to show the information. These tools have helped to save a lot of time every week. Ollie won for managing the planning of various gangs and smooth transition of labour within gangs in differing locations.

The Collaboration award went to Jose Fernandez Navarette, Gwyn McGrath, Carole Gamroth. Both Jose and Gwyn from the Health and Safety team, have combined several documents into one control book for inspections and records for sites. Time-saving for both site and management Carole from the finance team won following her invaluable assistance to both Natta and CISTC, in the organisation of the current SAFE courses. A colleague commented: “Her time in helping with the details and placing of over 200 delegates is greatly appreciated.”

Love Awards February 3

– From left: Gwyn McGrath, Ashley Bartlett, Jamie Smith, Carole Gamroth, Owen Speake and Prince Antwi

Paul Berry and Jamie Smith from our Yard team won for Safety. They were both acknowledged for their fantastic efforts in clearing the staff car park and creating safe pathways around head office when the snow fell. Both came in very early to ensure that the staff who could make it in could do so safely!

Florin Bufanu from our Ansell’s site also won the Safety award, after maintaining a public access road and footpath to a clean safe area. He also maintained the access control for plant and heavy goods vehicles without causing delay to the public and customers in and around the business car park.

Lastly, Callum Baines and Andreea Guriuc from the Development Board won the award for Sustainability. They were nominated for all of their hard work on the board and for running the Engineer training modules.

A massive well done to all who won this month, keep up the good work. The Love Awards will return again next month!