LOVE award winners for December 2018

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (‘Live Our Values Everyday’) winners for December 2018.

The award for Expertise went to Carlos Sanchez and Ashley Bartlett. Carlos, who is based at our site in Basildon won for creating a set of drawings that show air brick locations for each house type. By undertaking this step, his work will avoid airbricks being incorrectly located around plots. This will also avoid an insufficient number being installed. A very simple but effective improvement. Ashley took it upon himself to undergo the Transport Manager CPC Course to further develop his knowledge. A colleague commented, “Ashley continued to do his day job to a very high standard he spent a lot of time studying on his lunch break and in the evening.” Once Ashley’s pass is confirmed in January, his expertise will be a great asset to the Natta Group.”

Love Awards Dec 2018

– From the left: Callum Baines presenting Carlos Sanchez with his love award

Vanessa Pinto from our HR Department won the award for Integrity. She has decided to run Natta’s very own version of the ‘Biggest Loser’ competition. Vanessa has continued to look out for the wellbeing of employees and is extremely caring about the health of our workforce. She is always a motivational influence, who encourages staff to be more active, lead a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

The Quality award went to Carika Behounek from our Marketing Department for the design of this year’s Christmas card. Jo Whelan mentioned, “Carika brought my brief to life, she hand drew the card and got an animation created for it. Our best Natta Christmas card yet!”

The award for Innovation went to Iona Huckle. She thought of the idea to start utilising a comparison delivery website for posting larger items. This is especially, helpful around Christmas time. By following this new procedure, Natta will ensure we will always be using the most cost-effective way of sending the post.

Love Awards Dec 2018 2

– From the left: Carika Behounek, Iona Huckle, Vanessa Pinto, Sue Hardy and Ashley Bartlett

The Teamwork award went to Sue Hardy. A colleague commented, “Sue’s contribution to Christmas at Natta over the last few years has been fantastic. She has given her time, creating amazing hampers and organising a festive raffle.”

Jose Fernandez-Navarrete was acknowledged for his help within his team and won the award for Collaboration. A colleague mentioned, “Jose is always willing to help me out. Thanks to Jose, I now have a nice and safe workplace for my team.”

Well done, keep up the good work. The Love Awards will be back again for 2019!