Civil Engineering


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With our civil engineering and groundworks division, we can offer clients fast starts and staged procurement to allow design detailing to be advanced after the project has broken ground.


Natta has extensive experience in substructure work, including complex basement construction and both piled and traditional foundations. Our expertise spans a wide range of projects from small loaded residential foundations to the high capacity requirements of multi-storey structures. We have successfully delivered substructure solutions across various sectors, including residential, commercial, healthcare, hotels, prisons, and education.

We specialise in value engineering for foundation design, addressing one of the biggest unknown risk elements for clients. Our experience enables us to design the most economical foundation solutions for any given project. We often conduct supplementary ground investigations to ensure the optimal solution.

Natta has the expertise to successfully deliver challenging basement constructions, even in the tightest locations and under high groundwater conditions. We pride ourselves on offering complete foundation solutions, including ground improvement, beams below slab, blockwork, and ground floors as a comprehensive package. This approach ensures that we provide a reliable and efficient substructure for every project we undertake.


Natta has robust in-house drainage capabilities, handling installations up to 1800 mm diameter pipes laid at depths of up to 10 meters. Our experience includes working in challenging conditions such as wet ground, contaminated soil, running sand, peat, and other difficult terrains.

We collaborated with CPM Group to develop an optimal manhole system. We use this whenever possible to provide accelerated project timelines and high-quality results. Our expertise extends to sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS), utilising crate systems, GRP tanks, precast concrete, and in-situ concrete for below-ground attenuation, as well as traditional excavated ponds and swales.

External Works

As both Principal Contractor and Package Contractor, Natta has successfully delivered high-quality external works, offering valuable advice to clients to help achieve their aspirations within budget constraints.

We recognise the importance of hard and soft landscaping in framing the completed project. Our paving teams ensure meticulous attention to detail, particularly in the placement of chambers in paved areas. This ensures that cover orientations do not detract from the aesthetic appeal.

Our experience encompasses all types of paving surfaces, including porous, hard, and flexible options. With an extensive labour force, we guarantee quality delivery on time and within budget.