b'came along to complete their training and said they really enjoyed it. As well as this, CISTC received two further emails praising Mick for the quality of his training and the overall standards at the centre. Caroline Eaton took the award for Innovation for Introducing a faster communication link between HR and site for recruitment using the Indeed Appit gives those on-site access to candidates information immediately to communicate and recruit faster. From the left: Jon Hyam, Daryl French, Iona Huckle and James Hibberd The award for Teamwork went to Daryl French and Ion Popovici. Daryls colleague said, Although it wasnt Daryls job and he had a lot on, he reached out to his contacts and managed to get a subcontractor in to complete the fencing works at St Lukes Hospice with just a matter of weeks lead time. Elsewhere, we were told 6-8 weeks lead time, though we had the fencing installed within 3. Ion was nominated as he has demonstrated great team spirit at Luton since he arrived, assisting our client Redrow in many requests, without ever letting the Natta team down. His colleague commented: He is always eager to help, jumping from the digger to the wheelbarrow and looking for solutions in our best interest. Jo Whelan, Abbii Cope, Iona Huckle, Prince Antwi and Ed Murray also received the award for Teamwork for Organising the Wellness Week activities during a difficult time with social distancing, making sure our staff have the information they need to keep fit and mentally healthy during this pandemic. The Collaboration award went to James Hibberd and Jon Hyam. Whilst speaking about James, his colleague said, I would like to nominate James for his Collaboration andattitude he gives while working with us. He is extraordinary and has no problem with explaining anything I ask about and hes a great manager.From the left: Ed Murray, Caroline Eaton, Abbii Cope and James Hibberd Each day in the buying department, we learn something new and this knowledge helps us inour day to day tasks. Jon was nominated for sorting out multiple software issues for his colleagues, quickly and efficiently. October LOVE Award WinnersThe award for Integrity went to Paul Garland. Paul was nominated for completing outstanding work in a residents garden, leaving the area exactly as it was found which was commented on by a delighted client: Really high-class work by Paul showing what Natta do. Paul has been great with updating the After-Care team on this particular item and sending images over so that we can fully close out the job with our client. Luke Hemming took the award for Quality. His colleague commented, Luke has not long been with Natta but hes settled in straight away at Arborfield. It is clear that he has sound knowledge of how to use the plant and has taken it upon himself to relay this to others. This has been noticeable in the skill development of the operators that Luke has been working with, along with the quality and integrity of their work as a team. Simon Bradley received the award for Teamwork. His colleague said, Simon is a fully dedicated telehandler and a decisive asset for the team at Luton. Early starts, delayed breaks, unexpected big deliveries; he is afraid of nothing and everyone gets what they need in time. Great job Simon!'