b'The LOVE (Live Our Values Everyday) Awards is just one of the ways that Natta acknowledges and rewards our staff for their on-going commitment to following Nattas core values: Safety, Expertise, Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Teamwork, Collaboration and Sustainability.Here are the list of winners from April to August and some of the photos that were taken. You can see all of the photos on our blog posts.April LOVE Award Winners The award for Expertise went to Jon Aplin, Ivan Ianev, Teodora Tenase and Luke Dove. Jon Aplin won for a time-saving idea with a claw bucket. Ivan Ianev managed to finish the first stage of a very complicated part of the job one month before the scheduled date. Teodora, a graduate engineer, won for her eagerness to learn. Within two months she managed to handle 6 gangs and schedule herFrom the left: Etienne Rambeau presenting works according to the programme. Luke Dove wasBarry Singh with his Love Award awarded for going over and above the call of duty at one of our Redrow sites.Their customer service team commented: Luke, we cannot thank you enough for being so customer-focused. It really does need celebrating when we have a trade on site that goes above and beyond for our customers. Thank you so very much.Gabriel Cruz and Kyle Bassett both won the award for Quality. Gabriel Cruz who is working on our Pirbright site worked on the accuracy of setting out and checking of roads on busy traffic lanes. From the left: Carlos presenting Kyle Bassett who is based at our site in Finchampstead helped to resolve continual weekly Luke Dove with his Love Awarddelays. A colleague mentioned; Kyle did a full analysis to back our claims for delays. The Integrity award went to Anthony Walker from our site at Stoneham. A colleague said: Anthony is always a solid and reliable worker who gets on with the task at hand without any complaints. April saw two members of staff win the award for Teamwork, Jack Taylor and Nick Doyle. Jack Taylor has gone out of his way to assess the men under his supervision, evaluating them for promotion and he also considers the gangs for future projects. Nick Doyle is currently working on the Winchester project. He won following his grit, determination and unhampered support for his colleagues. A colleague shared: Nick has consistently shown an unwavering ability to help anybody and everybody with any task since starting for Natta in 2018." Barry Singh from our site at Barnet won the award for Innovation this month. For the first time, we had to install an HDPE drainage layer to minimise water accumulation and thus additional loading onto the PEC frame in Barnet. A colleague explained further: He listened carefully to the methodology brief and asked relevant questions. He found the best way to install the product to a great level of quality. Lastly, Ion Popovici and Mark McMorrow from our Finchampstead site won the award or Collaboration. Both Mark and Ion managed to successfully handover the marketing suites for our client within a very tight programme.May LOVE Award Winners The award for Expertise went to Mark Stevenson from our Winchester site. A colleague shared: Mark consistently provides the CCTV gang with very readable drainage information which is so important for the report. He has most certainly set the standard by which others should follow!Sezair Dautaj and Petru Luculescu both won the award for Quality in Barnet. They both were nominated for their continuous picturing of progress on site, key details and making sure areas were secured overnight and at weekends. A colleague shared: This was very helpful especially over the last months whileFrom the left: Alberto Gomez, Ismael Andrades, Jose Mora, Mario Nunes, Jose Rondon anddealing with some tricky bits of work. The Safety award went to AndyMatilde de la Plaza.Wychowalek who is based at Nattas head office. Andy has continued to carry out welding repairs to our clients lorry. Therefore, allowing training to continue as normal. Jenny Kurton was the only one to win an award for Teamwork. Currently working on site at Aborfield U2, she stepped up to the challenge of supervising several works whilst managers were on holiday. A colleague commented: Jenny managed to supervise all the works without incident with both myself and the Project Manager on leave. Not only was it all completed and the CML passed, but it turned out to be one of the most productive weeks we have had since I started with Natta. Lastly, Ismael Andrades, Jose Rondon, Jose Mora, Levi Moore and Mario Nunes all took the award for Collaboration. All our supermen from our site in Kettering. They have all been going above and beyond their duties to help us achieve our targets on site. A colleague shared: We would not be where we are now without them. All visitors are impressed with our progress and it is because of them.'