b'Showcasing Nattas capabilities for the installation of new utilitiesGAS WATER ELECTRICITYNew Services, ServiceNew HV & LV Mains, LV Services, Alterations and ServiceNew Services andSubstation InstallationDisconnections Temporary Building Supplies Temporary Building Supplies and StreetlightingNatta will install internal orNatta will terminate the mainsNatta will terminate the mains external manifold as required supply at Valve at the base ofsupply at Heavy Duty Cut Out at the internal riser the base of the internal riserAll metering All metering N/ANew mainsany size New mainsany size N/AN/A N/A New LV, 11kV, 33kV, 66kV & 132kVN/A N/A LV Dead, LV, Live, Up to 11kVN/A N/A Up To 20kVAll civils works All civils works All civils worksYes Yes Yes'