b"With over 48 years ofTurnkey providerpartner Groundworks and Civilwith clients IOS 9001, 14001, 45000, Engineering experience, NattaWIRS and GIRS has detailed knowledge of working in partnership withaccreditationsclients and utility companies.With our newly formed utilities division, we are nowComplements our able to provide full packagecurrent capabilitiesconstruction for both on and off site installation.Our accreditations enable us to install utilities inEmbrace technologyGPS conjunction with the mainguided trenchinginfrastructure, which will remove what can be a problematic interface.We are at our most effective when we work with ourSafetyknown services digitally Clients at the earliest stagesmapped onto operators control screen QAreal time positioning as built of a project's development.information via GPS mapping01252 851155 utilities@natta.co.uk"