World Environment Day 2021

Saturday 5th June marks World Environment Day 2021. This is a yearly event that aims to raise awareness whilst encouraging others to face up to climate challenges. The theme of this year’s event is Generation Restoration to revive and protect our ecosystems.

In line with this, Natta recognises that environmental protection is of paramount importance. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and helping to protect the environment for future generations.

At the start of any project, Natta aims to recycle, substitute and minimise the environmental impact of all our building activities. Each project has a specific environmental management plan produced prior to works commencing. We have also recently introduced a site ‘Surplus Materials’ app for Natta employees on site. The app allows us to track excess materials and allocate them to other sites; reducing wastage, cost and our carbon footprint as we eliminate unnecessary material deliveries.

Natta seeks to be at the forefront of environmental care within the sectors that we operate in. We are continually investing in new plant to reduce our fuel impact and are now introducing electric cars to the Natta fleet.

A fantastic example of Natta’s sustainable construction ethos is our training centre building, CISTC. It is a zero-carbon building constructed using structural insulated panels and utilising renewable energy sources. The building is heated by a 200KW wood chip biomass boiler and a 46KW PV array provides electricity. When it was opened in 2017, the facility won ‘National Gold Winner for Energy Efficiency’ at the Green Apple awards.

Natta is proud of our ISO 14001 (Environmental Systems Standard) accreditation. We have also been acknowledged as a Green World Ambassador.

If you would like any further details of Natta’s Environmental responsibilities and pledges read our policy here.

World Environment Day 2021