From the outset, we aim to recycle, substitute and minimise the environmental impact of all our building activities.

In 2011 Natta achieved ISO 14001 and in 2013 we were accredited with STEM Gold level: 1001141. We ensure that all staff are trained in the use of EMS at induction and at regular intervals throughout their career. Each project has a specific environmental management plan produced prior to works starting. Site Waste Management Plans are produced for all projects to comply with legislation and we support WRAP in our achievement of less than 5% waste to landfill.

Natta is well known for handling projects with complex environmental issues. We recognise that the protection of the natural and built environment is of paramount importance not only to current generations but also to future generations.

During the completion of all works and projects, we will demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility for the protection of both the built and natural environment where our activities have the potential to cause either a direct or indirect effect on the environment. Natta will seek to be at the forefront of environmental care within the sectors that we operate in.

In 2018, Natta won a Green Apple Award’ for the ‘Built Environment & Architectural Heritage’ in the category for Construction Material Recycling. In 2019, we received a Green Apple Built Award for Reducing Plant Emissions. We have also been acknowledged as a Green World Ambassador.

Green AppleGreen-Apple-AwardsGreen Apple Award 2018

We recycle all of our surplus hard landscaping products. In-house, we recycle 95% of our paper, 100% ink cartridges and 80% of files. We continually invest in new plant to reduce our fuel impact and meet the new Transport for London emissions requirements. We are currently researching the use of electric vehicles in our fleet.

More information is available on Natta’s Environmental Policy Statement.