Natta’s Love Award Winners for October 2020

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (‘Live Our Values Everyday’) Winners for October 2020.

The award for Integrity went to Paul Garland. Paul was nominated for completing outstanding work in a resident’s garden, leaving the area exactly as it was found which was commented on by a delighted client: “Really high-class work by Paul showing what Natta do. Paul has been great with updating the After-Care team on this particular item and sending images over so that we can fully close out the job with our client.”

Love Award Winners for October 2020

Paul Garland and Luke Hemming

Luke Hemming took the award for Quality. His colleague commented, “Luke has not long been with Natta but he’s settled in straight away at Arborfield. It is clear that he has sound knowledge of how to use the plant and has taken it upon himself to relay this to others. This has been noticeable in the skill development of the operators that Luke has been working with, along with the quality and integrity of their work as a team”.

Simon Bradley received the award for Teamwork. His colleague said, “Simon is a fully dedicated telehandler and a decisive asset for the team at Luton. Early starts, delayed breaks, unexpected big deliveries; he is afraid of nothing and everyone gets what they need in time. Great job Simon!”

Love Award Winners for October 2020

Simon Bradley and Etienne Rambeau

The Collaboration award went to Etienne Rambeau. Whilst speaking about Etienne, his colleague said, “Etienne’s collaboration skills with the commercial and after-care team are second to none. He is incredibly efficient with his work and attending to investigate any reported defects. Etienne’s efficiency does not take away from his customer service as he is continuously polite and prompt with all of the residents. Excellent work Etienne, thank you for all of your continued help!”

Also receiving the Collaboration award was Richard Cursons. Richard was nominated for averting a near accident at Luton. The client’s Project Manager called later that day to highlight the great job that he did in avoiding a much-greater incident.