Natta’s Love Award Winners for January 2022

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (‘Live Our Values Everyday’) Winners for January 2022.

January Love Awards

The Safety award was given to John Gormley and Nesa Jovanovic from Natta Plant. John noticed the door to reception was jamming and found that part of the wooden base had snapped, causing a trip hazard. He and Nesa were quick to fix the issue and get the door closing fully again.

The award for Expertise went to Jo Whelan and Jon Hyam who have worked hard to get the digital CCTV and Electricians’ calendars live. This has made the booking process for site so much easier and is appreciated by the team.

Ed Murray and Iona Huckle received the Quality award for the brilliant Christmas party they both worked hard to organise. It was a fantastic evening had by all.

Also receiving the Quality award was Clare Clarke whose attention to detail, whilst processing high volumes of invoices, is to be applauded. Her colleague commented: “Clare is a reliable and valued team member.”

The award for Teamwork was given to Natta Plant’s, Sarah Carlisle. No matter the request, Sarah always goes above and beyond to help her colleagues get it organised. A colleague said: “No task is too great for Sarah and she is an excellent team member.”

The Collaboration award went to Mark McMorrow for contributing to the smooth running of multiple sites. He has covered for absences and taken on additional work, giving others the benefit of his extensive knowledge and skills.

Finally, Annette Hills was given the award for Sustainability. Annette came up with the idea to bulk order cleaning supplies and refill old bottles. This is having a great impact on reducing the company’s waste.

Congratulations to all of our LOVE Award Winners for January 2022!