Natta’s LOVE Award winners for August

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (‘Live Our Values Everyday’) winners for August 2018.

Stevie Dowling from Natta Plant won the Innovation award for taking it upon herself to develop a spreadsheet incorporating graphs. Stevie was initially asked to produce a spreadsheet for the dumpers similar to an existing one for excavator hours.

The award for Teamwork went to Elliot Braund, Milan Dauti, Bashkim Aliaj, Alberto Aragon and Rama Karri.

Elliot from our training centre CISTC won for his help to unblock the welfare facilities in the training building. There were a number of people on training courses that day and it saved CISTC from closing the main toilets.

Milan and Bashkim won for their teamwork efforts at our Barnet site. A colleague commented, “They took the lead on their respective gangs and combined their efforts to meet a very tight schedule during the heatwave.”

From our Head Office, Alberto Aragon and Rama Karri won for their pre-preparations at our Wantage project. They gave guidance and explained what was needed in order to meet the deadlines for submitting the verification report for our works to Oxford County Council.

Love Awards Aug 2018

– Left to right: Milan Dauti, Alberto Gomez, Bashkim Aliaj, Alex Sofian, Etienne Rambeau and Mustafa Ali

The Collaboration award went to Alex Sofian, Mustafa Ali, Etienne Rambeau and Alberto Gomez.

Alex, Mustafa and Etienne won for achieving the deadlines for Phase 7 & 8. A colleague commented, “Really hard work from all three of them to help the Barnet project team.”

Alberto Gomez also won in this category. A colleague commented, “Since Alberto arrived as a Project Manager, he has managed to get on top of the works quickly. He also took great care in understanding each supervisor’s own way of working. He set up good relationships with the team and worked hard to answer everybody’s queries and to share information.”

Well done all, keep up the good work.