Natta celebrates Wellness Week

The Natta Group has been celebrating and taking part in our annual Wellness and Know Your Numbers Week.

Throughout the week our Wellness Team, headed by Chris Musgrove and Vanessa Pinto, arranged different activities related to health and wellbeing including a cholesterol-busting challenge at our sites and at the Head Office.

Health Assessment – Know Your Numbers

Today in HQ and early this year on-site, our staff had the opportunity to have their blood and cholesterol checked by Healthshield. We believe it is important for our staff to ‘Know Their Numbers’ so that they are aware of any potential risks to their health. This 10-minute confidential wellness assessment consisted of height, weight, blood pressure and blood checks, providing results for blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, kidney and liver function, BMI, body composition, cardiac risk, diabetic risk, cancer risk and more…

Cholesterol Climb Challenge

Natta decided to incorporate the Great Cholesterol Climb challenge in aid of Heart UK. We wanted to highlight the importance of high cholesterol to take care of our hearts. Teams were given a landmark to take on. The aim to try to match the number of vertical steps it takes to climb the building. The Landmark’s included: Natta Building – The Shard (4,590 steps), Natta Plant – BT Tower (843 steps) and CISTC – 1 Canada Square (1,600 steps).  A few of our sites also took part, Wantage – The Gherkin (1,037 steps), Uxbridge – Tower 42 (920 steps) and Deepcut – Glasgow Tower (523 steps), taking Natta’s overall target to 9513 vertical steps.

Heart UK is the UK’s only cholesterol charity. They work to increase awareness of raised cholesterol and aim to prevent premature deaths.

Vanessa commented: “On arrival at our Wantage site I had a conversation with an ex-military worker who said that after his unexpected heart attack, he was given so much support from Heart UK towards his rehabilitation back to fitness. These are the stories that make Natta people want to give back, give our time, give donations and give our hearts to support other peoples. Thank you to all those Natta people who have sorted this challenge!”

Tennis and Dodgeball Tournaments

During the course of the week, Natta held a short tennis and dodgeball tournament with the finals played today. Eleven staff members competed in the short tennis with Chris Musgrove taking the winning trophy. Six teams of three participated in the dodgeball tournament. Team K, G & H (Simon King, Rhys Godden and Matt Benham) were the victors of the day.

Gameshow Quiz

The finale of the day was a team event at HQ. The quiz was based on the 70s-80s retro gameshow ‘Runaround’. Six teams competed in 13 rounds. A teammate from each team was nominated to answer a question with three possible answers. They then walked to stand in front of the answer that they thought to be correct, had the chance to ‘Runaround’ and change their mind before setting on their final answer. Golf balls were given to the winners in each round to place it in their pot with the overall winners having the most golf balls at the end.

Scores on the doors – John Dunwoody captained the winning team. 

It was once again a fantastic Natta Wellness Week! Huge thanks to Vanessa Pinto and Chris Musgrove for masterminding the day and to all the helpers for their efforts.