Natta awarded Gold for Constructionline

Natta is delighted to have recently been awarded Gold for Constructionline. This demonstrates a higher level of competency and compliance within the company.

Natta awarded Gold for Constructionline

By being accredited with Constructionline Gold Level, Natta has officially been recognised as aligning with government and industry standards. Achieving Gold standard makes Natta a more viable choice for business as well as giving us access to a wider range of procurement contracts and projects.

It also gives organisations more assurance when working with us knowing that the operational policies in place are to a high standard. This is demonstrated by the increased analysis of governance and risk management when being awarded the Gold standard.

Achieving Gold Level with Constructionline

When progressing to a higher level within Constructionline, an extended pre-qualification questionnaire is completed. This assesses areas such as environmental management, quality management, equalities and diversity.  An organisation must meet the criteria of their Safety Systems in Procurement (SSIP) scheme in order to be awarded a higher level within Constructionline.

About Constructionline

Constructionline is the largest pre-qualification database in the UK with over 45,000 suppliers and 4,000 buying organisations attached to it. This Government-run scheme assesses company information, providing a single source of accreditation. It plays a critical role in the procurement value chain. They aim to provide efficiency savings and opportunities to Suppliers working with Buyers within the construction industry.