May’s LOVE (Live Our Values Everyday) Winners

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award winners for May 2017.

Our team at our Arborfield project did very well this month with:

Dritan Koleci winning Collaboration. Dritan has worked seamlessly with several trades on site. This is often challenging when other tradesmen are only interested in what they need to do. Dritan has excelled at working with the trades to facilitate Natta’s work at Arborfield.

The Safety award went to Gareth Bray for always using correct and full PPE. It was especially noted this month whilst he was doing a complicated cut in a concrete manhole ring.

From left to right with their awards – Dritan Koleci, Gareth Bray, Sandy Moir, Dominic Davidson, Grant Crooke and John Munelly.

From left to right with their awards – Dritan Koleci, Gareth Bray, Sandy Moir, Dominic Davidson, Grant Crooke and John Munelly.

Sandy Moir showed dedication to Sustainability. He won for recognising and segregating different types of soils so they can be re-used. (e.g. saving clay so it can be used in swales instead of importing puddle clay).

Dominic Davidson showed Innovation by producing a spreadsheet for the Engineers to calculate plot levels (dig, shingle, top of concrete and top of blockwork) for each plot of the project. This has greatly helped to reduce the risk of calculation errors whilst on site. It was also condensed into a mobile version to give staff readings for these levels.

Grant Crooke exceeded in Quality. He finished a pond to the required high standard set by Woking Borough Council and Aecom Architects.

The dedication to Expertise went to John Munelly. John has completed all the steps to the apartment blocks to a very high standard. He has assisted the client in making the design work.

Head Offices winners

Love Awards

From left to right with their awards – Jess Whelan and Becky Davies for Innovation and Nathalie Blake-Brennan for Teamwork.

Jess Whelan won for Innovation. She researched and provided a quicker and more efficient process to produce copy training cards. The cards now look more professional and are better quality.

Becky Davies also won for Innovation. She negotiated a better B2B marketing link for prospective candidates to view Natta as potential employer through the Indeed interface. In consultation with the Marketing and Communications Manager she has uploaded a Natta Company profile page concentrating on organisation values and goals, the Company culture, structure and teams at Natta.

Nathalie Blake-Brennan for her dedication to Teamwork. Natalie has made Katie on reception feel very welcome and showed her the ropes, whilst being very busy with her own work. She has gone above and beyond!

Love Awards

Alberto Gomez with his award for his dedication to Integrity

Alberto Gomez, who is heading up our Northampton Care Home project, showed Integrity. Nominated by a colleague who said, “When I am having a really bad day, he is there to support me and cheer me up. He cares not only about your site works but also how everyone is doing in their personal lives.”

Love Awards

From left to right – Stewart Collins being presented with his award for Innovation by Andreea Guriuc

Stewart Collins showed Innovation at Hackbridge. There is an issue on all sites where we need to form service pits in the road after the initial installation. We often dig down and damage services. Stewart had the idea to use 1T bags full of screened fine material to place on top of the services in the interim. These could then be lifted out to expose the mains to allow the connections to be completed during the finishing phase.

Well done to all. Keep up the good work!