LOVE award winners – July 2019

Natta is pleased to announce the LOVE Award (‘Live Our Values Everyday’) winners for July 2019.

In July, the award for Safety went to Steve Drake based at Finchampstead. A surprise inspection was carried out by the client’s Group Health and Safety Manager. All the other trades were given items to rectify except for Natta. A very well done to Steve for maintaining high safety standards on his site!

Steve Drake Love Award winners July 2019

The Expertise award went to Emma Jarvis from Head Office. A colleague shared: “Emma has been a tower of strength getting all of us at Head Office up and running on the newly introduced Coins system.

Barry Davis, Danny Chandler, Stuart Shuttleworth, Paul Berry and Annette Hills all won the Teamwork award for July. Barry, Danny, Stuart and Paul were all nominated for working well as a team in assisting with the installation of the foundations and access works for the new modular units. Annette our company chef, has done a great job in making the canteen a “great place to visit.” A colleague said, “The food is good and the atmosphere is jovial. Annette does a great job… what a turnaround!

Sue Hardy and Toni Gray both won the award for Collaboration. These two work extremely hard with the running and managing of the Surrey Training Group. Their efforts can clearly be seen with the increase of memberships, now at 48 members, it continues to develop and grow. A colleague shared: “At each meeting, both Sue and Toni help to set up and arrange the room, network with members and organise some great speakers for the members.

Head Office Love Awards July 2019

The award for Integrity went to Dave Tutt and Gaz Dauti. Dave won for his commitment to finishing a job, working until gone midnight on a Friday to make sure the job was complete. “A task many people would have shied away from, especially on a Friday.Gaz is producing great work at Luton and was awarded for the high standard of his foundations and tidiness of his site. Always making sure the hand over is ready for clients to be able to progress with the next stage of works. A client shared: “A very big thank you to Gaz and the team – Great effort and great attitude.

Dave Tutt Love Awards July 2019

Finally, July saw Kevin Fishwick win the award for Innovation. At Stoneham, Kevin proposed to use a flail to remove a duct under a completed road surface. This allowed installation of another specified colour and subsequently save substantial rework costs. As well as this, recently at a site in Eastleigh, Kevin used his knowledge to enable a new method of duct replacement which again saved a lot of money in not having to undertake two road crossings.

A massive well done to all who won this month, keep up the good work. The Love Awards will return again in August!