LOVE Award Winners for February

The Expertise award went to Jack Taylor for his assistance in doing lift plans for the new training field at our training centre. The plans were required to deliver the new crane training courses that we are offering. A colleague commented, “His help and expertise were much appreciated by everyone in the training team.’’

Dimitrius Simicevas at our Head Office won the Safety award. He received a fantastic report from a client after completing Safety training on-site.

The Integrity award went to Lil Buckle from Natta Plant. Lil was one of the interviewees for the Great British Business film that we are making at Natta HQ. Jo Whelan commented, “Lil was fantastic. Calm, collected and very articulate. As a woman who started out as a machine driver and has worked in construction for several years, she had a great story to tell. Everyone at Natta who took part did a great job but Lil stole the day.”

Love Awards Feb 2018

Ronnie Cahalane won the Teamwork award for looking after the team in the Head Office on a snow day. Ronnie offered to take orders and go to the shop and get everyone a sandwich.

Our Collaboration award went to Alberto Aragon. He completed the new car park at our Head Office using stabilisation. Alberto also designed and managed the project, overcoming many difficulties that he found on site.

The award for Quality went to Ion Popovici for producing top quality work effortlessly at our Wantage project.

Mark Stevenson from our Daedalus site won for his dedication to Sustainability. Mark reduced the safety risk of an employee after discovering he had a non-disclosed underlying health condition. This was due to his continuous efforts to organise and complete return to work forms and meetings.

Well done all, keep up the good work.