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Vauxhall Travelodge and Retail Development

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Project Facts
Sector: Basements
Our Role: Sub Contractor
Location: Vauxhall, London
Client: Anglo Holt
Project Value: £850,000
Duration: 14 months
This central London development posed the challenge of an extremely tight location, bordered by five different neighbours in addition to being built on top of the tube lines and under a network rail viaduct. Complex temporary works systems were used in combinations to overcome the challenges to construct a waterproof basement in a short time frame whilst informing and placating all neighbouring landowners.
Scope of Works:

This project had great potential risk with such high profile neighbouring structures and the combination of earthworks support systems required to achieve a successful outcome. The design was managed in-house with constant site checks carried out to guarantee compliant construction. As the basement filled the entire footprint of the site, logistics had to be managed carefully and efficiently to allow the basement to be constructed in accessible sections without compromising the overall integrity of the waterproof structure.

Our works included the temporary support to all adjacent buildings and infrastructure prior to the excavation and construction of a waterproof basement, filling the footprint of the site. The basement was primarily single sided walls cast against a combination of underpinning, sheetpiles, king post retention and existing basement structures. A pumped foul drainage system and services were also installed, along with an integrally designed crane base for the servicing tower crane.

The steel frame for the first 2 floors was based on the bolts and recesses formed by Natta and we completed the floor slabs for the first 2 stories which were concrete topping on steel decking. The finishings around the development and road alterations to suit the new building were also carried out by Natta, in conjunction with TFL.


"This was a very tight inner city site requiring innovate boundary support methods to achieve the clients requirement. The project was completed without incident as expected to a successful conclusion to all involved."

John Dunwoody Contracts Manager NATTA